Sunday, August 30, 2009

BOONE AND TEN 10's the season is getting closer and closer. So phyched for the end of hot weather and the beginning of saturday and or sunday being an outdoor climbing session. Yes, as the title says its all about Boone this season and my pursuit of sending ten V10's this season. This is a tall order for myself however I feel like it will motivate me to get er done ....strange how just saying something can jump start the actual event!!!!!!! I have been going to Moores Wall for so long now over and over and over and see its not that I dont like Moores wall its just that it limits my ability to get stronger, to move forward , to get PHYCHED! Its so close to home nearly half the distance from here to Boone....this is why I went so often, less time in the car and more time to climb. Lets face it Gmom,Blowing rock,221,Houndears its all way better than Moores ...ouch...I know it hurts to say but its the truth and I dont care anymore about the simple logistics that Moores has to offer Im going to get XM radio , beef up the ipod and have a good lookin travel partner(rami and or eric..haha) and hit the freakin road son.

The List

1. Twice upon a time
2. Teamwork
4.Room with an Arete
5. Project Plow Share link up
6.The Fern( the list)
7. Bedaphile sit
8.Black 45
10. Vortex

Well there it is....I said it Ten 10's
Lets hope the Rover will put up with he constant traveling because Imn grounded from the Honda because I dont keep it clean enough for the boss..haha
A plus to going in the Rover is that I get to take Lilly...well when I feel like dealing with her ass!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, August 9, 2009

EHHHHH...... it has been really hot lately and I feel like I have been living in the gym. Not that the gym is so bad, in fact I think the TRC is the Bomb Dizzle and I love the scene there.....the people new addiction....VERVE>>>> its all good but its still the gym!! Its crazy how phyched you can get right before the send of your project outside.......for me It goes like this
1. I have all the beta memorized and so embedded in my thick scull that I could spray you down from across the country.
2. I have the shoes freshly waxed and the chalk bag is loaded with fairy dust.
3.I have ingested enough coffee to rot a whole in my stomach
4.I have talked it over with my mom and she says its ok to murder
5.Then i can feel it coming.....I start to tremble, butterflies are goin.....................BOOM!!!!

This is what I live for...that moment!!!!!


It takes me about ten minutes to be over that feeling and wanting it again.  I feel like some serial dating ho who has to hit and run their whole lives ....but thats ok...thats who I am in the climbing world a hit'n and run'n ho with no regrets along the way.

These are the types of blog updates you get when summers here....sorry