Friday, February 27, 2009


It was about 5 years ago......maybe 6....... when after a long hard day of trail building,  we all just wanted to go bouldering. This is trail day asheboro and Im with Mike D...John Pro....Ed know the old posse,about to send IHOP (v4) for the warm up when all of a sudden a very old woman(hoover)starts to yell........."this place was quiet until the god damn internet made it popular". This lady was most likely 80 years old and looked alot like the witch on The Wizard of OZ. She was so fired up...i mean if she had a shotgun at the time I have no doubt that she would have at least fired off a"warnen shot". We all proceeded to be fair and polite and all that jazz......this didnt work at all and the rest is history. The next weekend, it was off.....road blocked ...warning signs posted ....rednecks in tree stands on standby....errrrrggghhh.
Mike On the "Thimble" v5

Fusp v5
Beef v7/8
Cannonball v5
Asheboros steepest v4
Z crackv6
All these lines sat and waited 4 yrs as Mike Dean went to battle with The Hoovers and other land owners . Rumors about the situation went on and on...back and forth...right of lines....DEER HUNTING SEASON.....omg....haha LOL.
Anyway props to MIKE DEAN, Jim Horton, The CCC, and the access fund for pulling it off.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

6 miles 2 problems

Today was epic!!! We made the hike to the north end first let me tell you that warming up on v10 is not easy. Greg,Rami,Eric and I umm pumped full of coffee and beef jerky gave orange crush sit a bunch of goes and made little progress. This line is so good and I feel close but it hurts the body....sooo much compression move to move.
Next we bush wacked to the valley...this isnt as bad as I remember, unless you have a huge ORGANIC bouldering mat....uggggghh. We met up with eric and steph for a quick catching up chat and were off to the Octagon boulder.
It took a couple of goes to warm back up again but i managed to do the left variation of octagon with the match start. This seems silly but it does add a half move....duh. Seriously i like this thing it adds one compression move that feels like moving in slow motion into the original beginning...phyched!  Rami, and greg got really close to sending the center start to Octagon and eric is close on the left variation as well. We were suppose to check out asheboro but I was the only CCC member so that wasnt going to work....sorry sean I forgot my phone also. Remember 6 miles 2 problems....ugghh im ready for another boone trip.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Here it is

Last weekend went to moores(again) and Rami finally did Tsunami sit (v9) 2nd ascent. Holy shit if he hadnt done it(first go of the day btw) I was going to cut off  his travel benefits.....good work what?My friend eric who is in town for a while put up this new line called Ansatzpunkt v6+(meaning starting point). This is a great addition to the main area, its a little hidden but very fun. It involves a very small crimp for your right hand that you gaston to hit the jug seen in the pic i have with my left hand with a semi scary top out........dont fall you will hit the tree fyi.
After that we headed to the north end with our special cloaking device so to not disturb the raptor nesting...umm and finally broke the ice on the projects below Orange CrushV10. Pre-named Twister this thing is so weird, hosting one of the coolest holds i have ever seen it proceeded to kick our ass. More to come on twister as well I am ready to give Orange Crush some fresh goes next trip.
Also my Hueco trip has been put off...arrrrrgggg and my shoulder has begun to