Monday, November 23, 2009

Neck Update

Well its been about 5 weeks since I have bouldered at all!!!! OMG......what am I doing with myself? This is so crazy....its so hard to just sit around and not train. I went to the gym yesterday and tried to climb around on jugs and couldnt really tell if its better or not. Its def not 100% for sure but I was just curious where I am in the healing game? Maybe 75%!!!!!!!! This gives me hope for getting back in the game before xmas....which if I go any longer It will be so much more work to come back. I have put on 6lbs...ehhh...not a big deal but I dont want that to become 10lbs...ouch! Today I am going to begin running....I feel like this will both fill my time now and give me an outlet for exercise.....I need to fuckin sweat or something!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Still havent gone to the doctor......mainly because im assuming its the same drill as before...narcotics and muscle relaxers....which dont sound helpful to me...well see!

Til Then....hope everyone else is sending!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Ecoterrorist V10

San Fran Ca....circa 08'

Harrison Dekker checkin the line

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Brussle Sprouts and Bacon

So One night last winter my boy Eric Owens from New York and I left for a long weekend in Boone. Allison had rented a cabin with a hot tub and fireplace near Houndears...Rami was down and we hit the road......Getting to Boone very late and hungry we decided to hit the store up for some groceries.....Dinner!!! Eric loves to cook and was phyched to prepare for us one of his favorites....BRUSSLE SPROUTS WITH BACON!!!!!!! Man....sounds good right...crispy Brussle sprouts with crispy bacon....all pan fried with a little canola oil....holla! So Rami is chopping up wood geting a fire going and Im watching videos of Nate sending portabella(v10...prob)...saw Daniel Woods flail on this rig 4 yrs before....and Eric...he is cooking up a storm...bacon aroma is flowing and brussles a cracklin? Rami.....get me a beer bitch! Hahahaha..... we eat the hell outta the Brussle sprouts and Bacon and it was so good....I mean I was in the kitchen lickin up the fucking juice outta the pan....that good!!!!

Its kinda hard to really explain what happened next.....I mean you know when you tummy hurts and it gets alittle bloated? Well amplify that by 10 and were getting close.....I felt like I swallowed a ballon......OF GAS>>>>METHANE GAS>>>>YERP

Note.....DO not eat eat Brussle sprouts with Bacon!!!!!!!!....The Gas that occured that evening had me laughing like a teenage boy at times...and at others I needed a doctor....Really!!!!!! Note also that everyone was having the same experience and by luck the girls waited until the next day to show up at the close call.........

Here is Eric on Octagon left V9(solid)ha


Monday, November 2, 2009