Saturday, May 14, 2011


Well its been a long hard road to healing my neck and getting back into the gym but it looks like im finally there. I have been going to the TRC now for about 2 months and feeling better every trip. I have been able to climb 5.12 / v5/6 and still the injury is holding strong. The more controlled my movement the better and Im starting to learn alot of technique that will help keep things good. As far as the v10 goal for this fall, I know that I can get back into that kinda shape, but will the neck let me dyno or go real hard for a move or 2?
Focusing on just being content with climbing at all, and really feeling good about getting back out there and hanging with friends.......cause thats what its all about!!!!
Going to Colorado for my bday at the end of June and maybe hitting up some old projects?
Hoping to have some rad summer climbing updates, but...........

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